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Angebotsdatum: 19. Juli 2017
Art der Stelle: Doktorarbeit
Fachgebiet: Biologie > Biophysik
Titel des Themas: Assembly and electrochemical interrogation of multi-enzymatic nanosystems organized on bar-coded viral scaffolds

Institut: LABORATOIRE D'ELECTROCHIMIE MOLECULAIRE Université Paris Diderot / Kooperation mit Institut für Biomaterialien und Biomolekulare Systeme, Uni Stuttgart
Prof. Christina Wege
Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711-68565073   Fax.: 0711-68565096
Bundesland: Baden-Württemberg
Homepage: http://www.lemp7.cnrs.fr/themes/LEM_2_en.htm sowie http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/bio/bioinst/molbio/mitarbeiter/Wege/
E-Mail Kontakt: mail

Beschreibung: This project aims at assembling integrated multienzymatic systems on nanometer sized scaffolds,consisting in viral nanoparticles, and to probe their catalytic response using a multi-scale electrochemical approach. An innovative biotechnology will allow us to position multiple enzymes working in cascade on the surface of particles of the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV, harmless to humans)with an unprecedented degree of spatial control. Studying these systems, at the ensemble scale by cyclic voltammetry, but also at the single viral particle scale by AFM-SECM microscopy, will allow us to gain fundamental understanding on how the positional control of enzymes on nanoscaffold can modulate their catalytic activity.

This interdisciplinary project will be conducted in collaboration with two international research groups specialized in viral nanotechnology:

- Thierry Michon’s group, INRA, Fruit biology and pathology, UMR 1332, Univ. Bordeaux, France.
- Christina Wege’s group, Institute of Biomaterials and Biomolecular Systems, Univ. Stuttgart, Germany.

French Ministry of Research Grant. Doctoral School ED 388 - Chimie physique et Chimie Analytique de Paris Centre (http://www.ed388.upmc.fr/).
Starting date: September /October 2017. Duration: 3 years.
Gross salary: Approx. 1700 € per month
Host Laboratory
Laboratory of Molecular Electrochemistry (LEM) University Paris Diderot / UMR CNRS 7591, Bât.
Lavoisier 15, rue Jean-Antoine de Baïf, 75205 Paris, France (http://www.lemp7.cnrs.fr/ ).
Group: « Biomacromolecular systems. Electron transport at the nanoscale. »

Leader: Christophe Demaille

Candidate Profile
We are seeking for a Ph’D candidate having a Master in physical chemistry, nanosciences or biophysics, or (technical) biology with profound knowledge and interest in biophysics.
The candidate should show strong affinity for lab work and be rigorous and organized.
A plus: Past experiences in nano(bio) electrochemistry, local probe microscopies (AFM,..)

Interested candidates should send a Curriculum Vitae, a motivation letter, university certificates/reports and contact details for two references via email to
Christophe Demaille: demaille@univ-paris-diderot.fr - Tel : +33(0)157278797

Keywords : Biomolecular Electrochemistry, Viral Nanotechnology, Enzymatic Cascade, AFM-SECM
Methoden: Plant viral nanotechnology and related methods, chemical conjugation, cyclic voltammetry, AFM-SECM microscopy, enzymology-associated methods
Anfangsdatum: 1. Oktober 2017
Geschätzte Dauer: 3 Jahre
Bezahlung: approx. 1700 € per month
Papers: Nault, L., Taofifenua, C., Anne, A., Chovin, A., Demaille, C., Besong-Ndika, J., Cardinale, D., Carette, N., Michon, T., Walter, J., 2015. Electrochemical Atomic Force Microscopy imaging of redox-immunomarked proteins on native potyviruses: from subparticle to single-protein resolution. ACS Nano 9, 4911-4924.

Schneider, A., Eber, F.J., Wenz, N., Altintoprak, K., Jeske, H., Eiben, S., Wege, C., 2016. Dynamic DNA-controlled "stop-and-go" assembly of well-defined protein domains on RNA-scaffolded TMV-like nanotubes. Nanoscale 8, 19853–19866.
Sonstiges: The Ph.D. position is funded in Paris, and will be supported with materials and knowledge by the partners in Bordeaux and Stuttgart.

The German partner may provide additional information on the collaboration on request. Contact: <christina.wege@bio.uni-stuttgart.de>