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Angebotsdatum: 10. April 2018
Art der Stelle: Doktorarbeit
Fachgebiet: Biologie > Biophysik
Titel des Themas: Effect of tRNA thiolation on mRNA translation: data analysis and experiments

Institut: IMPRS on Multiscale Bio-Systems
Dr. rer. nat. Angelo Valleriani
Wissenschaftspark Golm
14424 Potsdam
Tel.:    Fax.:
Bundesland: Brandenburg
E-Mail Kontakt: mail

Beschreibung: Studying the dynamics and regulation of mRNA translation by ribosomes under normal and pathological conditions will provide insights into the regulation of cellular mechanisms.

Using ribo-seq data it is possible to quantify and determine the coverage profile, which is characterized by “peaks” and “valleys”, i.e. the positions where the ribosomes are particularly slow or fast, respectively. The characterization of the ultimate mechanisms causing differences in the translation behavior is a matter of intensive study. Especially in recent years tRNA modifications by thiolation of bases at the wobble position revealed that they are involved in determining the accuracy of the genetic code by enhancing aminoacylation kinetics, assisting proper codon-anticodon pairing and by preventing frameshifting during translation.

In this project we will first computationally analyze all available ribo-seq data for E. coli and search for those mRNA whose ribo-seq profiles are highly reproducible in normal (control) conditions. Secondly, we will search for the possible origins of the peaks and valleys to gain crucial insights into the fundamental mechanisms regulating the dynamics of the translation process. This second step will require ribo-seq data collected under stressing conditions, aiming at correlating the applied stress with the emergence of possible statistically different coverage profiles. In a third part of the project, we will perform experiments aimed at verifying the hypothesis that tRNA thiolation affects translation efficiency by measuring the variations in the ribo-seq profiles of those mRNA which resulted highly reproducible from the previous analysis.

Visits to Dr. Chiarugi, head of the Bioinformatics Unit of the Metabolic Research Laboratories of the Cambridge University (UK) will be planned during the project.

Please apply until May 11, 2018 under https://imprs.mpikg.mpg.de/application
Methoden: The candidate should have a biological background and strong interest both in bioinformatics and in the fundamental wet-laboratory practice. The peculiar professional profile achieved through this project will markedly foster possible future career steps.
Anfangsdatum: 1. September 2018
Geschätzte Dauer: 36 months
Bezahlung: Standard work contract
Papers: P.B.F. O’Connor, D.E. Andreev, P.V. Baranov, Nat. Comm. 7, 12915 (2016);
S. Laxman et.al., Cell 154, 416-429 (2013)
Sonstiges: Deadline for application is May 11, 2018. Applications must be submitted through the online application form