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Angebotsdatum: 22. Juni 2018
Art der Stelle: Doktorarbeit
Fachgebiet: Biologie > Sonstiges
Titel des Themas: Microenvironmental Control Of Hallmarks of Cancer

Institut: International Giessen Graduate Centre for the Life Sciences (GGL)
Frau Patricia Wagenbach
Leihgesterner Weg 52
35392 Gießen
Tel.:    Fax.:
Bundesland: Hessen
Homepage: http://www.uni-giessen.de/ggl/overview/application
E-Mail Kontakt: mail

Beschreibung: Regions of low oxygen tension are common findings in malignant tumors, being associated with increased frequency of tumor invasion and metastasis, and thus critically determining the clinical behaviour and outcome of tumors. The proposed projects will aim to dissect the intersection of oxygen sensing pathways with other cellular signalling pathways, including growth factor/RTK and metabolic signalling, which are involved in cancer cell proliferation, metabolism, invasion, metastasis and self-renewal. The effect of signaling crosstalk will be further determined on the epigenetic regulation of target genes and on their posttranscriptional control. For this a wide spectrum of methods will be employed, which are regularly used in our laboratory: cloning, cell culture, biochemistry, qRT-PCR, FACS, ELISA, cell-based assays (proliferation, apoptosis, migration, 3D invasion, stem cell isolation and cultivation etc.), shRNA and CRISPR screens, proteomics, transactivation assays, virally-based gene delivery, RNAi and CRISPR silencing, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, light, epifluorescence and confocal microscopy, image analysis, miRNA analyses, DNA methylation array analysis, chromatin immunoprecipitation, bioinformatic analysis, animal models and in vivo tumor models.
Methoden: We are looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated biology, biochemistry or pharmacy students holding, or about to obtain, an MSc degree, diploma or equivalent, with a strong interest in tumor biology and a background in molecular or cell biology.
Anfangsdatum: 15. Oktober 2018
Geschätzte Dauer: 3 years
Bezahlung: supervision, lab space and personal funding are av