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Angebotsdatum: 8. Februar 2019
Art der Stelle: Doktorarbeit
Fachgebiet: Humanmedizin > =============================
Titel des Themas: PhD position Virology - Excellence Cluster - Herpesvirus Assembly

Institut: Virology (MHH)
Prof. Martin Messerle
Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1
30625 Hannover
Tel.:    Fax.:
Homepage: http://https://www.mh-hannover.de/ag-messerle.html
E-Mail Kontakt: mail

Beschreibung: We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student, who will work on the investigation of cytomegalovirus capsid assembly and maturation. The project is embedded within the Excellence Cluster “RESIST” and will be executed in close collaboration with colleagues providing complementary expertise in imaging techniques, structural biology and electron microscopy. The chosen candidate is expected to generate CMV mutants using well established bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC)-based mutagenesis techniques to analyze of protein-protein-interactions governing CMV capsid assembly.
Methoden: - practical experience with molecular and cell biological techniques is required
- bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC)-based mutagenesis of herpesvirus genomes
- protein biochemical techniques (pull-downs, IP, WB, etc.)
- microscopy techniques
Anfangsdatum: 1. April 2019
Geschätzte Dauer: ca. 3 1/2 years
Bezahlung: according to qualification (TvöD)
Papers: - Borst et al., J. Virol. 90:5860-5875. (2016).
- Neuber et al., J. Virol.91: e02384-16. (2017).
Sonstiges: - M.Sc. Molecular Biology or Virology or related field
- Ability to work within an interdisciplinary team and to organize your work independently
- good communication skills and good command of spoken and of written English
- enrollment in an international PhD program is possible
- earliest possible starting date is April 1st, 2019. Applications can be send until the position is filled.
- Applications must be in English and should include a short motivation letter, a CV and copies of certificates in a single PDF document (not larger than 5 MB).