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Angebotsdatum: 7. Juni 2019
Art der Stelle: Doktorarbeit
Fachgebiet: Biologie > Molekularbiologie
Titel des Themas: PhD position in Molecular Biology with a focus on co-translational mechanisms of protein folding at the single-molecule level

Institut: Institute of Complex Systems (ICS)
Herr Forschungszentrum Jülich
52428 Jülich
Tel.:    Fax.:
Bundesland: Nordrhein-Westfalen
Homepage: http://https://www.fz-juelich.de/SharedDocs/Stellenangebote/_common/dna/2019D-149-EN-ICS-5.html?nn=718260
E-Mail Kontakt: mail

Beschreibung: The Institute of Complex Systems (ICS) studies biological and chemical systems using approaches and methods from molecular and cell biology, chemistry, physics, and simulation sciences. The Institute aim at obtaining detailed knowledge of biological systems at the molecular scale and at understanding emergent properties and behaviors at the macroscopic scale. The Molecular Biophysics division (ICS-5) focuses on the structure and dynamics of proteins and molecular complexes and their roles within cellular processes, functional conformational changes in multi-domain proteins and protein folding including co-translational folding, using single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy, protein encapsulation techniques and cell-free protein biosynthesis.

We are offering a

PhD position in Molecular Biology with a focus on co-translational mechanisms of protein folding at the single-molecule level

Your Job:

- The conduct of interdisciplinary research with a focus on molecular biology and fluorescence microscopy
- The design of constructs and their study in the fluorescence microscope in order to get a better insight of co-translational protein folding at single-molecule level
- Close contact with external collaborators

Your Profile:

- Diploma or Master degree in Biology, Chemistry or related field with a strong background in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
- Basic knowledge of fluorescence microscopy is advantageous
- Good communicational skills in English are a requirement
- Highly motivated with an enthusiastic can-do attitude and an enquiring and creative mind
- High degree of independence and commitment
- Excellent ability to cooperate and work in a team

Our Offer:

- Outstanding scientific and technical infrastructure – ideal conditions for successfully completing a doctoral degree
- A highly motivated group as well as an international and interdisciplinary working environment at one of Europe`s largest research establishments
- Chance of participating in (international) conferences and project meetings
- Continuous scientific mentoring by your scientific advisor
- Usually a contract for the duration of 3 years
- Further development of your personal strengths, e.g. via a comprehensive further training Programme
- Chance to take part in the International Helmholtz Research School of Biophysics and Soft Matter (IHRS BioSoft) and benefit from lectures, seminars, lab courses and also courses in transferable skills http://www.ihrs-biosoft.de
- Pay in line with 75 % of pay group 13 of the Collective Agreement for the Public Service (TVöD-Bund)
- Information on employment as a PhD student at Forschungszentrum Jülich can be found here http://www.fz-juelich.de/gp/Careers_Docs
- Further information on the project is available at: http://www.fz-juelich.de/ics/ics-5
Anfangsdatum: 7. Juni 2019
Geschätzte Dauer: 3 years