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Angebotsdatum: 7. Februar 2020
Art der Stelle: Diplomarbeit
Fachgebiet: Physik > Angewandte Physik
Titel des Themas: Real-time MRI Tumor Tracking for Proton Therapy

Institut: University Medical Center, Dept. Radiology - Medical Physics
Prof. Michael Bock
Killianstr., 5a
79106 Freiburg
Tel.: 076127094140   Fax.:
Bundesland: Baden-Württemberg
Homepage: http://https://www.uniklinik-freiburg.de/mr-en/exprad.html
E-Mail Kontakt: mail

Beschreibung: The Departments of Radiology - Medical Physics and Radiation Therapy of the University Medical Center in collaboration with the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston are looking for a Masters Student in Physics (or a related field) for a research project on Real-time MRI Tumor Tracking for Proton Therapy.

Radiation therapy is the preferred treatment for many tumors, but tumor motion poses a severe problem as the exact location of the tumor can vary during irradiation. In recent years, new radiation treatment systems have been designed that combine an x-ray (photon) radiation source with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device, so that the position of the tumor can be monitored in real-time, and radiation is only applied when the tumor is at the correct location.
Methoden: In this masters thesis a real-time MRI method will be developed for MR-guided proton tumor therapy that can automatically locate the tumor position with new efficient image acquisition strategies. Proton therapy is an alternative to conventional x-ray radiation therapy, which, thanks to the Bragg peak, can deliver the dose in a much more focused way to the tumor. To ensure that the dose is applied at the correct location, proton therapy requires a real-time update on the tumor position, but in addition it also needs to determine the path length of the protons in tissue. Therefore, rapid MRI techniques based on our concepts for orthogonal slice imaging will be developed and combined with 3D real-time reconstruction of the normal tissues in the proton beam path, based on prior information.

The successful candidate should have an interest (and, preferably, some experience) in:
• Medical physics
• Programming (C++, MatLab, Python)
• Application in cancer treatment

The candidate will work at the University Medical Center Freiburg in a multi-disciplinary team of physicists and computer scientists with access to clinical MRI systems and pulse sequence programming environments.

The starting date is negotiable.
Anfangsdatum: 1. März 2020
Geschätzte Dauer: 12 Months
Papers: Krafft AJ et al. JMRI 38(6):1510-1520, 2013
Mickevicius NJ, Paulson EJ. Magn Reson Med 78:1700–1710, 2017
Sonstiges: The candidate will spend one month at the proton therapy center of the Massachusetts General Hospital on Boston/MA.